Every effort is made to provide you with the entertainer of your choice. The more in advance you book your party, the better the chances are of you getting your first choice. Please always have a second and third choice, and the dancers will be contacted in the order you chose. All our dancers have their own music and a wide variety of costumes with themes. 1 Hour Party

This is generally suggested for 10 to 15 women in your party. These parties are considered wild. One of our Bad Boys will not leave until everyone has been noticed and has had tons of fun.

If the thought of competing with the guys and putting your hands down a strange man's pants leaves you considering the convent, don't give up hope on having a great party. You, too, can celebrate a friend's last days of bachelorettehood in an all-out fun way. Here are 11 of our coolest bachelorette party ideas.

Ante Up
Pamper Palace
Disco Inferno
Hee Haw
Let Them Eat Cheese
It's in the Stars (and the Cards)
Coffee, Tea, or -- Tea!
Scavenger Hunt
Send in the Clowns
Cerveza, Por Favor